Brief History Of Settlers To The Oregon And Cascade Mountains Area

While there are a lot of secrets in Oregon, the patterns of migration from across the rest of the world to this region, are something we can accurately trace. The records left behind show a rather colorful story, that explains the rich culture in the region. I sat down and spent some time looking, and found that the area had been settled by a huge variety of people.

Of course, most people came in during the gold rush years, inspiring stories that I loved as a girl, and that gave us a glimpse at the history. The Oregon trail video game also chronicles this time.

However, there were a number of overseas immigrants as well, coming in to help with mining camps or to help with railroads. This helped to create the diverse culture of the area, with small China towns popping up around the area. Many of these are still around today, with families able to trace their history back to these first migrations.

Other migrations came in as more territory was explored, and as the mountains were conquered. Today the migrations of the past have helped shape the culture of today, with a rich patchwork of culture interacting on a daily basis.