The Amazing History Of Settlers In The Oregon Cascades Area

Many people live in the Cascades area of Oregon without truly knowing the history, or understanding the sacrifice that the original settlers made. While the area is relatively tame today, at one point it represented some of the harshest challenges in the world. From disease to earthquakes, people in this area were forced to contend with the full fury of nature, coming out on top to create a vibrant and completely unique world within the Cascades range.

Many of the settlers came in wagons or on feed, others crossed the sea, hoping to find freedom in a new land of hope and gold. While few struck it rich on gold, many found that the plentiful farm land and optimal growing conditions made it easy for families to settle down, preparing an impressive inheritance for their descendants.

Among these immigrants were a number of record keepers who ensured that the history of the region was well preserved. It is through them, and the amazing genealogical societies and libraries that we know the stories of the first settlers. Through their careful hand written records, we can understand the triumphs and failings of generations filled with hope and need.