History Of Settlers In Oregon

The history of settlers in Oregon is diverse and amazing, filled with stories of personal triumph, sorrow, heartbreak, and fortunes being made. Today the Cascades range is one of the most history filled places in some of the most beautiful land the USA has to offer.

The entire range was settled from a few key areas, meaning that the history of every person in the area relates back to these places. With most people coming due to the gold rush, construction of the railroad, or to claim land, the stories may seem to blend together if you are only looking on the surface. However, diving deeper shows a rich tapestry of diversity and varied migration patterns.

Due to the gold rush, the area was filled with settlers from many different countries, and workers added to those numbers as well. This is why the area often has cultural practices more commonly seen in South America, Asia, and other continents. In fact, it might be one of the most diverse places in the USA, with families going back hundreds of years together. We met a family from Minnesota that owns a deck building company (www.cartercustomconstruction.com) and they were visiting because they were one of the original families that survived the first Donner Pass trek. Awesome!

Today the stories of early migrants continue to shape the region, giving reference points for those that will come after as well.